Announcing the 2010 Big Ideas Global 1 to 1 Summit

“Equity, Access, Opportunity for All – Learning for the 21st Century”

The Big Ideas Global 1 to 1 Summit @ the Summit promises to be 2010’s premier event focused on making a dramatic difference in the lives and future of all children. Its aim is to tackle the question of how to create and implement policies and practices that truly support all learners.

The digital revolution and 1 to 1 learning hold tremendous potential for transforming education–but that process is taking too long and, in many schools, not happening at all. This lack of significant change creates, for traditionally underserved youth and their communities, more and greater obstacles to being active participants in today’s knowledge-based society.

The BIG 1 to 1 Summit @ the Summit brings together policymakers from around the globe and many of the world’s best thinkers from both inside and outside education to challenge them to develop a viable, effective blueprint for large-scale change for all learners.

Format: Designed to produce concrete results, the agenda has been structured across four topics, Research and Policy, Implementing & Sustaining Universal Access at Scale, Emerging New Models of Teaching & Learning, and Leadership That Builds a Culture of Transformation.  The scope of each of these themes will be  set up for the whole group through a panel discussion, followed by a Q & A with everyone attending. Then the group will break into smaller Critical Conversation Tables to explore each theme further, using a series of Focusing Questions.  Each table will be lead by a Critical Conversation facilitator, who will, at the end of the discussion, report back to the whole group as part of a reflection on the topic, with an emphasis on what works, why and how that can be best shared.

We want to ensure that everyone has both an opportunity to participate and engage others over the three days, share their own experiences and knowledge, and learn from the diverse group of people who are attending the Summit.