The Right To Learn Publication Launched


One thought on “The Right To Learn Publication Launched

  1. An interesting read, proposing ideas that may – at first – appear way-off but upon reflection are probably a lot closer to now than we think.
    The idea that 1:1 technology access will allow students to ‘cash in’ on their Right to Learn is admirable but displaced somewhat when you consider that, at least in the developed world, 1:1 access is fast becoming a thing of the past.
    As I write, I’m updating Facebook with my mobile and reviewing a presentation for my next class on my iPad. 1:3, student-to-device ratio is a reality that should not be discounted as a possiblility.
    In the developing world, ‘hole-in-the-wall’ devices and cheap, accessible technology with the required infrastructure should be the number one aim. Just as China bypassed copper-wire telephony for mobile networks, the developing world should bypass desktops for portable, accessible-anywhere, anytime devices. If only there was the money…

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