2010 Presentations

Presenters PowerPoint Presentations

Attached here are the Powerpoint presentations for the panels and sessions at The Summit. We are missing a small handful, but are working on having them posted as soon as possible.

Session 1:
Damian Bebell

Session 2:
Eduardo Chaves

Miguel Brechner

Session 3:
Bette Manchester and Chris Dede

Maria Langworthy

Deirdre Butler

Session 4:
Greg Butler

Ron Canuel



Publication from the 2010 Summit – “The Right To Learn”

All delegates who were registered for the 201 event will receive a copy on it’s release. However if you were not at the Summit and would like a copy of The Right To Learn, please email us to request a copy be emailed when it’s released to the general public – info@ideaslab.edu.au

Visit the Right to Learn page here.


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